To enhance and provide information that is essential to it's fellow community members and to those in our motherland who are most likely to make an impact in the lives of children and those who have acquired specialized skills. Specifically, those who may be able to identify pressing community issues and to develop related advocacy skills. We desire to link new members with its local community and offer one-on-one mentoring from a local community leader.

The Community Advocacy project has two goals:

  1. Reach, teach, mentor, recognize, and award members (Identify and research issues that impact the community) Prepare members to develop community advocacy projects; to propose and innovative ideas that are relevant to pressing community issues.
  2. Use the AMETOCO website as an informal meeting place for the community where people can get information about issues and concerns and take part in community activities.
  3. "It's very important to listen to people and to hear what they are saying. The issue is to empower the people to be more active in the community."
  4. Understanding the community perceptions and opinions, addressing vital information, and working with community leaders and media in decision making to build social development and popular support for those in need in our motherland. Be supportive in all ways at all times.
  5. The overall aim must be narrowed down to an achievable objective. This might be, for instance, to enhance support for the local community or promote change by offering people the opportunity to be active in their communities.